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Re: Re: PWS 433au (Miata) recovery update


    I'm seeing this also, after installing using the Debian 8.0 installer and dist-upgrade'ing to unstable (using the SMP kernel trick to get past the GENERIC issue). My understanding is that it's not initramfs-tools that mounts all the (non-root) local filesystems, but systemd (which it looks like you've reported as a bug elsewhere). I was able to pseudo-fix this by changing the fs_passno field in /etc/fstab to '0'. Now, systemd happily mounts all the local filesystems at boot, and I no longer get dropped to the emergency shell. So, the trouble seems to be with running fsck on these fs, but I've no idea what the cause may be.

    Couple other things I found: in /etc/network/interfaces, "allow-hotplug eth0" doesn't seem to work nicely with systemd, but "auto eth0" does.     Samba isn't installable, and in fact I can't even build-dep to build myself locally; looks like the dependency chain goes all the way back to a specific version of libboost!?!?



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