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Re: Re [2]: java 1.7on AlphaServer

On Sun, Jun 08, 2014 at 12:14:10PM +0300, maed@ukr.net wrote:
> Hello! 
> Thank yoU for Pointing to the "multiarch" package, but it failed to install on my Debian 5.0.10: 
> # dpkg -i multiarch-support_2.17-97+alpha_alpha.deb 
> (Reading database ... 11680 files and directories currently installed.) 
> Unpacking multiarch-support (from multiarch-support_2.17-97+alpha_alpha.deb) ... 
> dpkg-deb: file `multiarch-support_2.17-97+alpha_alpha.deb' contains ununderstood data member data.tar.xz     , giving up 
> dpkg: error processing multiarch-support_2.17-97+alpha_alpha.deb (--install): 
>  subprocess dpkg-deb --fsys-tarfile returned error exit status 2 
> Errors were encountered while processing: 
>  multiarch-support_2.17-97+alpha_alpha.deb 
> It looks like this is the "new-style"(packed without backward compatibility) package that won`t install on old Debian 5.0.10 :( . Is there a way to re-pack this package on old Debian?  Or, maybe, there ia a way to "extract-copy-register" its contents manually? 

I think something like this should work (on another system, could be amd64 or i386 even):

dpkg-deb -R multiarch-support_2.17-97+alpha_alpha.deb multiarch-support
dpkg-deb -Zgzip -b multiarch-support multiarch-support_2.17-97+alpha_alpha.deb.new

But you will probably still have lots of other problems to solve.

Len Sorensen

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