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Re: Using debootstrap to install from Debian-Ports [was Re: qLogic and wheezy]

OK, regarding using debootstrap to install Alpha from Debian-Ports it
has been pointed out to me that the instructions I gave do not include
the unreleased distribution in the install, which I did actually know,
but what I had forgotten (oops :-/) is that libssl1.0.0 needed in the
base system install is only in the unreleased distribution.

Unfortunately debootstrap only supports boot strapping from one
distribution, thus the bootstrap will currently fail as it needs
packages from both unstable and unreleased.  It leaves apt unconfigured
in the new chroot so is not an easily recoverable situation.

I have been made aware of a nice solution to the problem and hope to
update the instructions at the AlphaLinux wiki with the fix in the near


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