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Re: ghostscript packages for Alpha

On 5/08/2011, at 2:00 AM, Uwe Schindler wrote:
The package backlog is here, too:

The old Alpha autobuilder has not been running since start of April, and we got the new one running from debian-ports up and going middle of July. Unfortunately a lot of architecture "all" packages have come through during that time and cause many conflicts. Some of them are very deep seated. Essentially Debian Sid has moved on and architectures that did not keep up with building packages, such as Alpha, have been left well behind.

You guys may have been able to compile certain packages on your systems because you have an old install that is partially upgraded. But in the autobuilder network we reinstall from scratch packages that are needed (i.e. build-depends) for each package build. The conflicts are so bad that we have come to an impasse where that is no longer possible and nothing can build. (Admittedly there are ~300 built packages to upload but that is not going to resolve the fundamental problem.)

This is going to take some ingenuity to fix.  I am working on it.

But in the meantime people are well advised, "do not attempt to upgrade your system," and if you ignore that advice, be prepared to build packages yourselves to resolve breakage.


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