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Re: ghostscript packages for Alpha


On 22/07/2011, at 8:09 AM, Michael Cree wrote:
On 22/07/11 04:04, Bob Tracy wrote:
So...  As it turns out, printing on my alpha has been broken for a
while.  Tracing back through the logs, the root cause is a missing
"gs_init.ps" file, which really isn't missing: there's a version
mismatch between the package providing the file, and the package needing
the file.
With regards ghostscript I see that it is in the bd-uninstallable list,
i.e., it cannot be built as the building of ghostscript depends on a
newer version of fontconfig.  Fortunately fontconfig is in the
needs-build list so can be built.  I don't have much idea how long it
will take.

Fontconfig is built but ghostscript is still bd-uninstallable because it needs new versions of gcc andd g++ built because the old versions that we have conflict with the new eglibc. We can't build binutils/ gcc/g++ until we get python 2.7 built. We can't get python built until xft and tk8.5 get built and looking at what is ahead in the build queue means they are potentially a couple of days away. Even when they are built we still can't build python 2.7 because, wahoo, we now need to have python2.7 built to build python2.7! I have a plan to get around that apparently insurmountable problem but can't execute it to xft and tk8.5 are built.

So, I would not be surprised if building ghostscript is still two week's away.


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