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Just a quick note to let interested parties know I'm working on a 4.0.1
firefox build for alpha.  Frankly, the effort should be worthwhile: I'm
impressed with how much more fleet of foot 4.0.1 is relative to 3.6.12
on my AMD K6-III/450, and I expect similar performance improvement on my
PWS 433au.

Unknown how much of the "nsThreadUtils*" patching is going to be
necessary to get 4.0.1 running without the "illegal instruction" faults
that plagued the 3.6.X builds.  I'm currently trying a stock build (only
the historically needed alpha modifications): should be ready to test
later today.

Note to whomever: yasm-1.1.0 is required, and the latest available
Debian package is version 0.8.0-something.  If anyone is interested in
updating the yasm package, be aware there's a build dependency on
"xmlto": on my machine, that represents an additional 788 MB of packages
I would have to download and install, just for the sake of having the
yasm documentation available.

Bob Tracy          |  "Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit
rct@frus.com       |   upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin
                   |   slitting throats."	-- H.L. Mencken

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