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Re: Advancing Debian Alpha Porting

On 8 May 2011, at 01:37, Michael Cree wrote:

> Who owns these machines? The Welcome Trust? Debian? Someone else?  It certainly would be wonderful if they can allocated to the new porting effort at the appropriate time.

Formally, they probably still belong to the Wellcome Trust, but they're well past their normal retirement age (all of our other Alpha boxes are long gone) and there would be no problem in formally donating them to whoever takes them on (there probably won't even need to *be* a formal donation process, but it's as well to check)

>> They are both quad-CPU ES45 servers with 8GB RAM each, and so are quite large and heavy (7U of rack space per machine, I think)
> Wow, they're really serious machines!  I'm envious (but not of the electricity bill:-)

Sanger used to be an entirely Alpha/Tru64 shop, when we were working on the first human genome project.  We had about 40 ES40's and ES45's, about 400 DS10L's in a cluster, and two ridiculous GS320 boxes - you know, 32 CPU monsters with 256GB of RAM each which took up two or three cabinets.  Of course, these days you can get that much RAM in a blade server.  :-)

These days we're a Linux-x86_64 show.


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