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Re: Problems with linker on Alpha

On 05/06/2011 03:25 AM, Michael Cree wrote:
> So my question is, what is this "[<other>: 80]"?  Does it matter?  Is this failure a false report?

It's these:

/* Legal values for st_other field of Elf64_Sym.  */
#define STO_ALPHA_NOPV          0x80    /* No PV required.  */
#define STO_ALPHA_STD_GPLOAD    0x88    /* PV only used for initial ldgp.  */

They're used for relaxation, and they don't matter for the purposes of this test.

I think the regexp can be equivalently written

 +[0-9]+: +[0-9a-f]+ +[0-9a-f]+ +FUNC +LOCAL +DEFAULT .+ _?foo 

I.e. accept whatever in between DEFAULT and foo.


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