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Re: firefox-4.0.1

On 07/05/11 07:11, Bob Tracy wrote:
Just a quick note to let interested parties know I'm working on a 4.0.1
firefox build for alpha.

Cool! Are you working only on upstream firefox or also on iceweasel in experimental? I see the following comment in the iceweasel Debian changelog:

iceweasel (4.0.1-1) experimental; urgency=low
debian/rules, toolkit/components/url-classifier/src/Makefile.in:
     Remove alpha specific thungs because it is unsure they still have any
positive effect, and alpha has many other problems that would need fixing
     if porters care.

So that will need some attention once you have firefox going ;-)

BTW, I don't think anyone has implemented the Alpha specific code for IPC. I think firefox has to be compiled with --disable-ipc. IIRC, the architecture specific code is a set of atomic operations, of which the implementation probably could be based on the equivalent code in the Linux kernel source. The is on my list of things to do but I doubt I will get this far down my list for quite some time.

Unknown how much of the "nsThreadUtils*" patching is going to be
necessary to get 4.0.1 running without the "illegal instruction" faults
that plagued the 3.6.X builds.

What is that patch? I have had builds up to 3.6.13 working fine but my build of icecat 3.6.16 crashes on start up.

I'm currently trying a stock build (only
the historically needed alpha modifications): should be ready to test
later today.

Do you do your build on the PWS433? A bit slow, eh? I've built an alpha cross-compiler on my AMD64 machine so that I can do large builds on the Alpha with distcc and distribute most of the compiling to the AMD64 machine.


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