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Re: Upgrading Sarge to Etch - failing to boot new kernel

Another option: Could you try "linux-image-2.6-alpha-legacy" instead
of -generic? This uses another start address that may be needed for
some machines and MILO. But as you have read from my prev message
below, I don't think any kernel after 2.6.22 would work. As you are
trying .18, you should have luck, but don’t upgrade to etchnhalf!

Okay, haven't expected to find a kernel on the 3rd DVD. I will try it
after the weekend and report whether it works.
Good news, it worked. So now I'm running Etch with the 2.6.18 legacy kernel. For now it's only the base system without X, using the english locale, but other packages shouldn't interfere with MILO. The Lenny DVD contains a 2.6.26 legacy kernel image - I feel I will succumb to the temptation to install it - at worst it will cost me one hour of reinstalling Etch-through-Sarge.
Best and thanks for help,

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