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Build dependencies and the alpha autobuilder

Title: Build dependencies and the alpha autobuilder


I'm currently maintaining zeroc-ice packages and noticed that
reports that some architectures are waiting for mysterious build

The alpha autobuilder is waiting for default-jdk-builddep which is
a Build-Depends-Indep, not needed for building binary-arch. I know
the current Policy is not clear about this but most other autobuilders
seem to agree on

Is there anything I can do to get it compiled in alpha?

F. Moya

Francisco Moya Fernandez      Computer Architecture and Networks Group
Assistant Professor
Francisco.Moya@uclm.es                      School of Computer Science
Fax:(+34 926) 29 53 54                University of Castilla-La Mancha
Tel:(+34 926) 29 54 83                      http://arco.esi.uclm.es/

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