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Re: lenny+1 and the future of the alpha port?

Dear List

Quoting Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org>:

My Alpha is an internet server holding eMail of about 110 users and websever for around 50 domains among other services. I don't know why this is a DEC Alpha, but it is since several years. The project is to support cultural institutions and non-profit organisations to have a real internet server with all gimmicks for free. You can imagine, I wouldn't be happy if support for Alphas were ceased, but as others mentioned before, my contribution to the port is modest and therefore I just can wish for longer support. The machine is loud, but it doesn't matter, it is placed in my cellar. I have three AS4100 one actively serving, running 24h/7d, one to test and one as a stock for spare parts. So the hardware would certainly make it longer than 3 years of now. At my university there are still a hand full GS1280 and ES40/45 around, which will be available in the future for giveaway, as there must be somewhere else too. These machines are worthless without proper support. Debian is one of the last useful OS for these machines, as stated in another answer from someone else (*BSD are single CPU, if I remember correctly). From an ecological point of view, it is really questionable to run such energy inefficient machines. But the production of a computer like an Alpha also used a lot of energy, as such it should run over some years to justify this. I don't know how long, but estimate quite long (five, seven, ten years?). However, they're around and could be used. I would like to join the choir to thank to the porters for their great job. And my users and I would be pleased to see this effort ongoing.

Best regards, Adrian.

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