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RE: Patch for buggy pthreads on stable found

Hi again,

> I forgot to mention:
> Someone could try to enable the test suite on package build again. Now the
> linuxthreads testcases should pass...
> This can be enabled by changing debian/sysdeps/alpha.mk !
> I will not do this as the package build takes too long on my machine and I
> do not want wait 3.5 hours again and then 5 hours for the tests to
> complete.

The tests seem to run now, no more failures in (I haven't tested this
extensive, I only ran "make -C build-tree/alpha-libc/ -k check"):


Because of that this can be also removed from debian/sysdeps/alpha.mk:

# disabled because alpha linuxthreads ex7, ex9, ex10, ex18 stopps eternally
# even if TIMEOUTSCALE is set - SIGALRM from the program is just ignored.

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