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Re: Bug#325600: Patch for buggy pthreads on stable found

Uwe Schindler a écrit :
> Tags: patch
> I created a patch for glibc (version 2.3.6.ds1) that fixes the zombie
> processes bug. It uses an ifdef'ed version of the waitpid_not_cancel macro
> that uses on alpha the standard wait4 syscall instead of an inline syscall.
> All other architectures are not changed.
> I put the attached patch into debian/patches/alpha/ of the source package
> and added the following line to debian/patches/series:
> alpha/local-waitpid-not-cancel.diff -p0
> after that I built with "dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot". The .deb files and
> source packages can be found here:

Thanks for the patch, I have checked in our SVN repository for the etch
branch. If the stable release managers agree, this patch will be
included in etch r1.


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