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Re: No SRM console on reboot?


Thanks for the suggestion. I'll check that next time I bring the server down.

The strange thing is that both used to reboot correctly when they both had video cards. Then I pulled the video card out of one and now this happens. It could be the SRM variable got reset when I changed the console back to serial. I'll check to make sure.


On Mar 7, 2007, at 2:21 PM, Adrian Zaugg wrote:

Hi Bob

You might be lucky when you set the SRM environment variable:
  set auto_action restart
  (other possible values: halt or boot)

Regards, Adrian.

Bob Lindell wrote:
I have the same problem with Sarge.  I have two identical configured
PC164s. They have the same exact PCI cards in the same slots. The only
difference is one has an ISA video card and the other uses a serial
console. The PC164 with the serial console hangs on reboot and requires that I push the reset button. The PC164 with the ISA video card reboots
just fine.

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