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Re: Netboot on Multia

   Bummer! After trucking along rather well for the whole install, it
crashed at the end when it was installing the kernel and intramfs stuff
-- no more room on the disk. Kind of a drag that you can't do a base
install on 340mb -- I didn't even partition any of it for swap. I guess
I'll have to get the old external scsi case out of the attic and take a
2g scsi out of my old powermac and see if I can get that to work.
    Whatever happened to the linux we used to download from Finland with
2400 baud modems onto 40 or so floppys?  Come to think of it, I used to
run Xenix on an old Tandy with only a 5mb drive. Too bad there's not an
OpenWRT for alpha -- that's really all I need.

    Does anyone know if the external scsi on the multia is on the same
scsi chain as the internal drive? I know when I was playing with the
external case before I was having a lot of trouble with what seemed like
termination problems, maybe the external doesn't need termination???

Harmon Seaver

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