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Netboot on Multia

  Well, finally I'm getting somewhere -- changed the dhcpd.conf to give
it a static IP instead of the dynamic bootp range statement and off it
went. Now my only trouble is I'm not getting the serial console. What
should the settings be for the term program -- I'm using minicom, and I
know it works with the default (on the server end) ttyS0 at 115200 8N1
with my ipaq, so the only problem could be with my cable. I'm using
using RJ45 flat cable (8 wire) with the RJ45/RS232 serial adaptors to
get the two male ends I needed, and I've tried making the cable
straight, totally flipped, and just 2&3 flipped. Also just tried a CAT5
patch cable.
  I get some connection, when the multia boot reaches the stage when it
sends to console, I get a weird triangle sort of thing on the minicom
screen, but that's it.

Harmon Seaver

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