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Re: DHCP doesn't work with 3.1 installation on Alpha

On Fri, Feb 09, 2007 at 07:44:01PM -0800, Josh Meyer wrote:

> Everything is fine with etch on a DS10.  With sarge on that DS10 and on 
> another DS10L, the ewa0 interface just turns off as soon as aboot 
> loads.  It's active when running the console.  I didn't notice this at 
> first because I wasn't looking at the LEDs on the DS10's port.  The 
> LEDs remain off as the kernel loads.  Again, this is with sarge.  With 
> etch it just seems to work.  Both the DS10 and DS10L are on v7.2 of the 
> SRM console.

Ok, given that it works with etch, any bugs in the sarge kernel that might
be causing this problem aren't likely to get any attention.  I don't have
any of this hardware, so I can't offer any suggestions for workarounds
either, but perhaps someone else on the list can.

Good luck,
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