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Re: DHCP doesn't work with 3.1 installation on Alpha

Hi Josh,

On Thu, Jan 25, 2007 at 06:11:04PM -0800, Josh Meyer wrote:

> I'm trying to install 3.1 on a DS10L from the minimal bootable CD.   
> DHCP works during the first part of the installation when the system  
> boots from CD, but then it stops working during the configuration  
> stage when the system boots from its hard disk.  I'm on a class B  
> network and use a class C subnet mask, if that matters.  Any ideas?   
> Nothing turned up in my preliminary search of this mailing list's  
> archives.

This isn't a problem that I ever saw with sarge on alpha; I had no trouble
getting IPs with DHCP.  By any chance do you have access to logs from the
DHCP server to show what traffic is being sent to and from the d-i client?

Would you be willing to test the latest etch installer to see if it resolves
your problem?  If this is a bug in the installer, that's where it would need
to be fixed anyway.

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