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Re: floor() broken on EV4?

On Sun February 11 2007 05:30, Falk Hueffner wrote:
> The EV4 FPU cannot round to minus infinity, as glibc's floor wants to
> do, so the kernel emulates this. So it's almost certainly a kernel
> bug. Can you show the output of this program:

As mentioned before on this list, the kernel support for denormalized numbers 
(and infinity) on the EV56 died sometime after 2.4.27.  Here's a link to the 
latest thread in which this came up again (back in October):


It is interesting to note that the denormalized/infinite behaviour is to also 
to always return zero.  I wonder if it is the same thing that is effecting 
the EV4.  Could all kernel math fixups be MIA due to the same thing?

Later!  -T

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