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Re: Changing video cards in alphaworkstations

On Sat, Jan 27, 2007 at 04:05:37PM +1030, Karl Goetz wrote:
> Bob Tracy wrote:
> >Karl Goetz wrote:
> >  
> >>Could i take any PCI video card and put it in a Digital Workstation 
> >>600AU?
> >>    
> >
> >Short answer: no. 
> I was afraid that might be the case.
> > Somewhat longer answer: dated but still valid info
> >on supported video cards is available on the easily-found-via-google
> >linux-on-alpha sites.
> >  
> I'll look into it, but i don't have other alphas to pull the
> vid. out of right now.

You don't have to pull a card from another AlphaStation; there are a
number of PCI VGA cards that should work in that box.

First thing to remember, for PWS/MIATA, is to do the following under

	>>> set pci_device_override -1

This tells the SRM console not to worry about finding a card in the
64-bit slots that it doesn't recognize (it has a very small table of
cards it knows about).

Once that's done, it's a matter of trying out the VGA - the
determining factor here is whether the BIOS emulation built into the
SRM console can handle the VGA BIOS on the card. This is much less
problematic than it once was, so don't worry too much.

Finally, here's a short list of "recent" VGA cards that work fine in
Alphas; note that 3D support is mostly confined to the ATI and 3DFx
cards, though there are rumors that Matrox G450 will work with the
latest drivers. These are from personal experience, so of course YMMV.

(The following are good in text and X11.)
ATI Rage128 and most flavors of Radeon (7000/7200/7500/9100/9200/9250)
3DFx Voodoo3 3000
Matrox Mystique and Millennium I/II, G200/G400/G450
Permedia 2/2V (eg ELSA Gloria Synergy)
Permedia 3 (3DLabs Oxygen VX1)
NVidia TNT2

(The following are good in text, but somewhat fragile in X11, IMHO.)
S3 Trio64 and Trio64V+
S3 ViRGe
Savage 4

Other cards, like ATI Mach32/64 and S3 9xx may work in text mode, but
I've no experience with them under recent X11 servers.



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