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Booting Multias

   I'm trying to figure out the best way to make use of the IDE
controller in my multias, mostly because of the still very high cost of
2.5" scsi drives, and a desire to use a CF-card/IDE adapter anyway.
   Knowing that SRM can't even see the ide, so can't boot from it, the
choices are booting from a floppy, or netbooting, or, I suppose, ARC,
but I think I've played with that and wasn't having much luck.
   So which would be best, floppy or netboot, and is there any way to
make SRM just do them automatically? Netboot would probably be
preferable, since I think the floppy in the multia is toast, or at least
I couldn't write or read from it the last time I was playing with this.
    Secondly, does anyone have an Etch netboot image built for this? Can
the current netboot image for testing install to an IDE?

Harmon Seaver

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