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Re: Xorg 7 fixed on alpha

On Thu, Jan 25, 2007 at 04:26:19PM -0600, Bob Tracy wrote:
> True enough that the card always comes up with what I assumed was
> a standard 80x25 text mode screen at boot time, regardless of the switch
> setting.  Given my assumption about that being a text mode, that didn't
> violate the principle of least astonishment :-).

If you had an original TGA, changing the switch would make a MASSIVE
difference in what the console looks like... :-)

And remember, it really was a just an indicator to the software what
the hardware should be made to look like; I know that the switch
contents are readable in some way off that card, but haven't the
foggiest idea how or where... :-(

> I guess I don't think enough like a hacquer...  Never occurred to me
> that the switch wouldn't have some effect on the available graphics
> mode for the X server.

Until you tried changing it, and it didn't... ;-}

> > I've heard of folks able to use 1600x1200 at 8 bits (though at 60Hz),
> > since there's 2MB of video memory on an 8-plane card (TGA or TGA2);
> > I've always been able to use 1280x1024 without problems, although,
> > as you say, it does depend on the capabilities of the monitor.
> Yeah, my eyes can't stand the 60 Hz flicker...  70 Hz is pretty much the
> minimum I can personally tolerate for more than a few minutes.

I find it hard to use even 70Hz any more with my old eyes... :-\


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