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Re: Xorg 7 fixed on alpha

On 26/01/2007, at 4:33 AM, Bob Tracy wrote:

Michael Cree wrote:
I've finally got around to trying it out.  A PWS600AU with its
original DEC supplied video card that uses the tga2 driver.
1) Are there known issues with the tga2 driver/cards and xorg 7.1 ?

(3) You've only got 8 bits of depth at 1024x768, so how well
    applications share colors becomes a serious issue.  For me, Gnome
    worked well, but KDE was ugly as sin.

That might just be the issue. I didn't think to check the bit depth of the allocated screen mode. I have got so used to 24bit colour display being the default. Will check later today after work.

BTW, Bob, did you ever get the ES1887/8 sound going? It's fixed in ALSA 1.0.13. Iirc, kernel 2.6.18 has ALSA version 1.0.12 so if you haven't installed kernel 2.6.19.x yourself, then try installing ALSA 1.0.13 in place of kernel supplied ALSA, and you should find the snd- es18xx module fixed.


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