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Re: Xorg 7 fixed on alpha

Jay Estabrook wrote:
> > (1) Make sure the rotary switch on the tga2 is set to the video mode
> >     you intend to run.
> Really? This makes a difference with Xorg? Or with TGA2?

Hmmmm...  Ya know, now that you mention it, I don't think it ever
occurred to me to try running the card under Linux with the rotary
switch set to something other than the video mode I intended to use
under X11 :-).  I'm sure my thinking was along the lines of "the
switch provideth the ultimate guidance as to what video modes are
possible and/or supported by the card hardware."  At which point,
I tried to specify the chosen mode accurately in the xorg.conf file.

> TGA2 has a VGA on it (Cirrus CL-GD5429 or similar, for text-mode
> console), and I believe SRM console always runs the BIOS for it, so
> that it comes up 720x400 at 70Hz, regardless of how the switch is set
> on the card (verified on both DS10 and LX164 with the latest SRM
> console versions for the respective platform).

True enough that the card always comes up with what I assumed was
a standard 80x25 text mode screen at boot time, regardless of the switch
setting.  Given my assumption about that being a text mode, that didn't
violate the principle of least astonishment :-).

> It's possible that the Xserver under Tru64 would/could utilize the
> switch to set its resolution/refresh, but I don't think XFree86/Xorg
> TGA support has ever had that capbility.

I guess I don't think enough like a hacquer...  Never occurred to me
that the switch wouldn't have some effect on the available graphics
mode for the X server.

> I've heard of folks able to use 1600x1200 at 8 bits (though at 60Hz),
> since there's 2MB of video memory on an 8-plane card (TGA or TGA2);
> I've always been able to use 1280x1024 without problems, although,
> as you say, it does depend on the capabilities of the monitor.

Yeah, my eyes can't stand the 60 Hz flicker...  70 Hz is pretty much the
minimum I can personally tolerate for more than a few minutes.

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