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Re: D-I: two failed recent installations - please check


>> On Thu, Dec 28, 2006 at 03:43:40AM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
>> > We've recently received two installation reports for alpha where the
>> > initial boot from CD failed:
>> > - http://bugs.debian.org/403024
>> > - http://bugs.debian.org/404485
>The submitter of #404485 has now followed up that he's succeeded in=20
>installing his box using "b dka600 -fl 1".
>Is this something that needs to be documented in the installation guide?
>(Maybe it already is; I've not checked.)

Sorry to do a follow-up this late, but I had the opportunity to test a
d-i daily build netinst CD (2006-12-15) on a DEC Personal Workstation 433au
(ATAPI CD-ROM) and on a 600au (SCSI CD-ROM).

Both booted the installer without setting any option. Maybe the reporters
had boot_osflags variables set inside the SRM environment? These old values
would have been overridden by the "-fl 1".

BTW, I can install-test an AS4100 as well, did somebody try this lately?

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