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Re: synfig: 367048: can anyone help with a floating point exception?

On Mon, Jun 12, 2006 at 12:12:23AM +0800, Paul Wise wrote:

> Does anyone here feel like helping out with a FTBFS in synfigstudio due
> to a floating point exception in synfig on alpha? If someone could get a
> backtrace, or a patch or other hint, that would be great.

> Steps to reproduce:

> sudo aptitude install synfig synfig-dbg 
> mkdir tmp ; cd tmp
> wget http://svn.voria.com/code/synfig-studio/trunk/images/installer_logo.sif
> wget http://svn.voria.com/code/synfig-studio/trunk/images/logo.sif
> synfig -q installer_logo.sif -o installer_logo.png --time 0
> gdb synfig
> run -q installer_logo.sif -o installer_logo.png --time 0
> bt

#0  0x00000200000965cc in synfig::Layer_Composite::get_full_bounding_rect (
    this=0x12020f080, context=<value optimized out>)
    at /usr/include/ETL/_rect.h:70
#1  0x0000020000171eec in synfig::Context::get_full_bounding_rect (
    this=<value optimized out>) at context.cpp:134
#2  0x0000020000096574 in synfig::Layer_Composite::get_full_bounding_rect (
    this=0x12020f080, context=@0x12020f080) at layer_composite.cpp:132
#3  0x0000020000171eec in synfig::Context::get_full_bounding_rect (
    this=<value optimized out>) at context.cpp:134
#4  0x000002000008e780 in synfig::Layer_PasteCanvas::set_sub_canvas (
    this=0x12020ca10, x=@0x11fabbb50) at layer_pastecanvas.cpp:184
#5  0x000002000008ec68 in synfig::Layer_PasteCanvas::set_param (
    this=0x12020ca10, param=@0x11fabbe20, value=@0x11fabbea8)
    at layer_pastecanvas.cpp:150
#6  0x0000020000152df0 in synfig::CanvasParser::parse_layer (this=0x11fabd6c0, 
    element=<value optimized out>, canvas=@0x11fabbfd8) at loadcanvas.cpp:1971
#7  0x0000020000149718 in synfig::CanvasParser::parse_canvas (
    this=0x11fabd6c0, element=0x1200cf6a0, parent=@0x11fabc5d8, 
    inline_=<value optimized out>, filename=@0x11fabc5d0)
    at loadcanvas.cpp:2233
#8  0x0000020000150a70 in synfig::CanvasParser::parse_value (this=0x11fabd6c0, 
    element=0x1200cf6a0, canvas=<value optimized out>) at loadcanvas.cpp:855

So looking at the build log for synfig on alpha, I see:

  checking for optimization flags... -O2 -ffast-math

and this is what -ffast-math does on alpha. :)

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