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synfig: 367048: can anyone help with a floating point exception?

Hi all,

Does anyone here feel like helping out with a FTBFS in synfigstudio due
to a floating point exception in synfig on alpha? If someone could get a
backtrace, or a patch or other hint, that would be great.

Steps to reproduce:

sudo aptitude install synfig synfig-dbg 
mkdir tmp ; cd tmp
wget http://svn.voria.com/code/synfig-studio/trunk/images/installer_logo.sif
wget http://svn.voria.com/code/synfig-studio/trunk/images/logo.sif
synfig -q installer_logo.sif -o installer_logo.png --time 0
gdb synfig
run -q installer_logo.sif -o installer_logo.png --time 0

Please CC 367048@bugs.debian.org in replies.



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