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Re: DEC Alpha Xfree86 video card what works?


I have tried using a Matrox Millennium II video card in both MGA and VGA modes and have been getting an xfree86 server crash saying that the "screen is not found".
I would like to know which video card is supported for a DEC Alpha by Debian Linux without having to modify the kernel?  I am sure that someone is out there who is actually running a system like mine with a working video card?  I would like to know the make and model of the card that you are using and the extent to which it works.

Before you try to get another card, know that I have run Xorg on an Alpha XL366 (XLT) with a Matrox Millennium II and a Matrox Mystique. Both ran well enough considering their age and the relative speed of the machine. I used the MGA driver.

I got that message once too, and all I had to do was to specify the PCI BusID for the card. You can use lspci to get your card's BusID and then put it in your xorg.conf (or XF86Config-4.conf or something) in the device section. Search Google or read the conf file's man page for more details, I can't remember exactly.

The only pesky problem I got with those cards was graphical corruption everywhere on the screen when I would run Gnome. Under KDE everything was fine though. I no longer run anything graphical on that machine though, it was quite slow in X.

Good luck,


Jean-Sébastien Guay   jean_seb@videotron.ca

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