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Re: Multia Install -- Success!!!

At 10:03 06.02.2006, you wrote:
I don't have the controller with internal 2,5" scsi cable, but if I had
it, I would have put a 2,5" scsi harddisk (which I already have) and
use the spare PCI slot for a PCI cooling fan (pretty cheap, really cold)

Can the multia boot from a compact flash disk?

You can add compact flash disks as normal IDE drives with an adaptor.

I should give it a try!
I didn't know about this capability, which could really be useful.
I know that the SRM cannot boot to IDE disk, I tried with a ATA Flash
of 256MB size which I borrowed from a HP thin client and it didn't work.
Someone told me that the Multia could boot to IDE disk from Alphabios
but I haven't try it yet.

So, you have not many chances... direct CF/PCMCIA -> SCSI is not available.

If you have money, you could buy an IDE -> SCSI transformer (there are some on the market):

The setup would be:
CF-Card -> CF-IDE Adaptor -> IDE-SCSI transformer -> Multia SCSI controller

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