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Re: Multia Install -- Success!!!

On 2/5/06, gl@decadence.it <gl@decadence.it> wrote:
> The Multia suffers of some heating problems.
> I know that the original slashdot.org run 24 hours a day on a Multia,
> but I have to suggest you not to put it at continuous work, just to let
> it live longer!
> Just look around the net, there are many documents explaining the
> heating problem of the Multia much better than I could do.
    Yes, I'm aware of that -- but the major heating problem is caused
by the hard drive, especially when people put bigger ones in there,
like the 3.5" drives. Since mine won't have a hd, just a flash card, I
think that won't be much of a problem. Plus it's going to be outside,
under a tiny root to keep the sun and rain off it, because I need to
mount it on the wifi antenna mast.
    I've got a 2.2ghz intel box running debian on my desk, along with
a Mac G3, so I don't need the multia there. 8-)

> Just drop the installation after deselecting everything on tasksel.
> Next use dselect to add only the required packages and you're ready.
     Ah, that would work better I guess. I kept trying to use tasksel
and just choose laptop and unix server, but even so it adds x windows,
lpr, exim, etc even tho you don't choose them. Weird.

> I use my Multia as a (very) lightweight desktop (rox+fluxbox+abiword
> +gnumeric+links2+balsa+pan) but it requires a lot of patience... :)
> For this, I suggest you to use the old XFree86 v3 driver for TGA which
> is available on Woody
> The v3 driver simply takes ~25MB less than the v4 TGA driver and runs
> faster :)

    I've got another little box for a liteweight desktop box -- a
hacked I-opener. Just a LCD screen with the computer mainboard on the
back, running Jailbait linux on the 16mb flash. It's 233mhz intel, 128
ram, usb wifi. I've got to solder some leads from the sound chip for
RCA cables to hook to my stereo so I can play mp3 mounted nfs from my
desktop box upstairs.

Harmon Seaver

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