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Re: Multia Install -- Success!!!

On 05/02/2006 23:09:14, Harmon Seaver wrote:
    Now, if I could just get it to install a truly "minimal" install.
Tasksel sux. All I want to use this multia for is a
router/firewall/wifi access point, and hopefully run it eventually
from an ide cf card, but so far the install seems to want to install
waaay too much stuff.


The Multia suffers of some heating problems.
I know that the original slashdot.org run 24 hours a day on a Multia, but I have to suggest you not to put it at continuous work, just to let it live longer! Just look around the net, there are many documents explaining the heating problem of the Multia much better than I could do.

Just drop the installation after deselecting everything on tasksel.
Next use dselect to add only the required packages and you're ready.

I use my Multia as a (very) lightweight desktop (rox+fluxbox+abiword +gnumeric+links2+balsa+pan) but it requires a lot of patience... :) For this, I suggest you to use the old XFree86 v3 driver for TGA which is available on Woody The v3 driver simply takes ~25MB less than the v4 TGA driver and runs faster :)


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