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Re: BTS usertags for Alpha specific bugs

Hello Falk,
On Sun, Dec 11, 2005 at 12:53:42AM +0100, Falk Hueffner wrote:
> maybe

> 140474 xmovie does not build on alpha

I got the old version to build and run with the patch attached.
Officially it never build on alpha, and the makefiles were for the
Compaq Compilers. Since the package has not seen an upload for ages it
is seriously out of date regarding Debian and upstream. In a different
bug a patch was posted, so maybe either the Debian maintainer (who
said about working on it after some exams several month ago) or
someone else might do an upload which could be arch any?

> 146305 celestia: Arithmetic exception on alpha

Yes, alpha specific.

> 152128 vcg: xvcg dies with segfault when opening a vcg file

This is not reproducible on i386, but on several archs as it seems,
and alpha is definitly one of those.

> 216836 gltron: Game -> Start Game crashes gltron on alpha

Well, the Debian maintainer accuses me of lying and does not want to
help resolve this one, but yes, it appears on alpha (but I don't know
if other archs are affecte, on amd64 it runs).

#157309: gs dies when called from xdvi with a certain eps on alpha

#170502: lightspeed: Alpha: lightspeed crashes when animation is stopped

#231392: konqueror: Can't talk to klauncher
In the "maybe" category

#262514: elinks: Crashed when following link in discover-docu
In the "maybe" category



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