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BTS usertags for Alpha specific bugs


I scanned the BTS for Alpha specific bugs (by looking for those
reported on an Alpha machine, or with "alpha" in the subject). I'm
planning to use usertags with user debian-alpha@lists.debian.org to
record this. I would use the following tags:

broken    unusable on Alpha
buggy     buggy on Alpha
maybe     might be Alpha specific, but this has not been verified
          (might be just a generic 64-bit bug). Somebody with an AMD64
          should check these
hardware  This requires particular hardware to be reproduced.

I'm not tagging FTBFS, because they can be better tracked at
http://buildd.debian.org/~jeroen/status/architecture.php?a=alpha, and
also not bugs for Alpha-specific packages like aboot.

I'd be interested in feedback... here's the list:


 68213 jvim on Alpha/AXP responds only once per 4 key strokes
103606 Flightgear gives floating point exception on Alpha
135925 jfbterm: broken on Alpha
145542 gtkpool: Floating point exception on Alpha
222770 prelink: Causes apt-build (perl) to segfault
269840 koules: FPE signal raised intermittently
330284 qt3-designer: crashes the X server on opening a file
335684 rrdtool graph FPE on alpha


106741 Column spacing wrong in register window on Alpha
161432 [PR target/8603] Alpha: s?addl pattern doesn't work
185865 procps: cannot parse System.map file on linux-2.2.25 on alpha
166661 dhcp-client: dhclient produces unaligned traps on Alpha
212233 Member named "__align" causes conflict with Compaq C builtin
220920 Bogus information on Alpha core files
229251 libc6.1: request ev67 specific build
231862 libvorbis0a: oggenc still dies somtimes with floating point exception
263178 install deos not modify boot_dev and boot_osflags
265831 Debian kernels are unusable on TITAN-based systems because of LEGACY_START_ADDRESS
267465 syslog-ng: Get rid of unaligned trap on alpha
213571 modutils: unaligned trap on alpha
286262 xdebconfigurator: Some problems on Alpha
289187 clamav-daemon: Unaligned Trap on alpha
313106 openvpn has lots of unaligned traps
325600 libc6.1: Threads remain <defunct> on Alpha with libc6. 2.3.5-4
325638 please re-enable optimization for mozilla on alpha
329573 dovecot-imapd: Unaligned traps on alpha plattform
329578 xserver-xorg: Xorg causes unaligned traps (Alpha arch.)
334766 binutils: ld infinite loops on alpha
335578 ocamlopt.opt segfaults on Alpha


106656 Cannot get index with amrecover
109089 cdparanoia refuses to work on an alpha
128943 chipmunk-log: chpmnk-diglog segfaults after opening its two windows
130007 vsound: sample rate is always 44100 on alpha
140474 xmovie does not build on alpha
146305 celestia: Arithmetic exception on alpha
152128 vcg: xvcg dies with segfault when opening a vcg file
153428 tac-plus: encryption key mismatch under alpha architecture
153815 acidlab: duplicate key error
155819 gnome-pilot: gpilotd crashes when gpilot-applet starts
155857 id3v2: Segfault on alpha when adding track number ( -T option)
186882 freecraft: Crashes immediately on Alpha
193494 freeciv-server: Crashes on first client connect on alpha
194869 knocker: crash on alpha when parsing conf file.
203981 openbabel doesn't build on alpha
207056 openafs-modules-source: [alpha 2.4.19+xfs] afsd fails to start on Alpha with XFS-patched 2.4.19
208304 pcre doesnt work sometimes
216836 gltron: Game -> Start Game crashes gltron on alpha
264130 bind9 crashed with strange error
264806 libapache2-mod-php4: Segfault on alpha
267122 brec: does not clean up its semaphores
268298 After upgrading from a previous version on debian/alpha the user auth with psql doesn't work anymore 
271157 cupsys: Cannot set printer to parallel port
271330 cyrmaster does not register with snmpd on Alpha
273521 gs-esp: Fails with every document from Konqueror
278455 abiword: AbiWord 2.0.10 does not start on Alpha.
291154 acct: dates in lastcomm's output are random in alpha
299194 amarok: Crashes on Alpha
313144 mldonkey-gui: GUI crashes on startup on Alpha
314840 Watching directories broken on Alpha
325936 lam4-dev: simple example fails on Alpha


152336 xserver-xfree86: [mga] console locks up on MGA 2064W rev 1
262183 xserver-xfree86: [core server] BusID argument mandatory for PCI display adapters on Alpha boxen [regression from 4.2.1]
271910 xserver-xfree86: [mga] freezes, unaligned traps, and other problems on Alpha PWS433AU with MGA 2164W rev 0
286013 xserver-xfree86: [mga] driver locks up when XAA enabled on alpha with MGA G400 AGP rev 4
301344 [tga] All KDE windows are completely unreadable
320814 xserver-comm 4.3.0.dfsg: fails to run the x-windows system on alpha machine
334431 xserver-common-v3: Error activating XKB configuration, in an old Alpha workstation


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