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Re: BTS usertags for Alpha specific bugs

Hi Falk,

On Sun, Dec 11, 2005 at 12:53:42AM +0100, Falk Hueffner wrote:

> I scanned the BTS for Alpha specific bugs (by looking for those
> reported on an Alpha machine, or with "alpha" in the subject). I'm
> planning to use usertags with user debian-alpha@lists.debian.org to
> record this. I would use the following tags:

You didn't mention what "user" you'll be using for these usertags.  It was
probably the obvious choice, but just in case, may I suggest using

> broken    unusable on Alpha
> buggy     buggy on Alpha
> maybe     might be Alpha specific, but this has not been verified
>           (might be just a generic 64-bit bug). Somebody with an AMD64
>           should check these
> hardware  This requires particular hardware to be reproduced.

Sounds fair to me.  I would like to see some tagging mechanism for bugs that
are general 64-bit bugs as well, so we could theoretically spread the load
on these between porters for all three archs.

BTW, given that most of the cases of "broken" packages *should* be turned
into FTBFS bugs by the maintainer in the absence of any other action by the
porters, I would suggest this is the appropriate category for FTBFS bugs
even if we aren't planning to proactively usertag them.

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