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Re: Debian installation on a Alpha Station 400

On Fri, Dec 09, 2005 at 01:37:04PM +0100, Padiyath Sreekumaran wrote:

>    Hello,
>    Iam trynig to install Debian Linux (3.1) on a Alpha Station 400
>    from a CD. I wrote the following command in SRM prompt:

>    boot dka300 -flag 0

>    The system stops with aboot prompt. Then I wrote the value 0.
>    Then it started booting and stops with the following message on the
> screen:

>    aboot: Starting kernel boot/vmlinuz with argument ramdisk_size=16384
> root=/dev/ram devs=mount,dall

>    Afterwards nothing happens. I tested the cdrom with Tru64 CD and the
>    drive is good.

>    Any help is appreciated.

Is your SRM prompt on a monitor, or on a serial console?  Having it stop at
that point with *no* further output sounds like the output is going
somewhere other than where you expected.

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