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Re: DRI problems with 3dfx 4500 on DPW600au under Sarge

On Tue, Dec 06, 2005 at 07:57:22AM -0800, Urs Traber wrote:
> >I complied and run them on PWS600au with a Radeon 9250 and they look
> >normal compared to my x86 box.
> So e.g. the "Pulsar model" is really blue like on the sample picture?
> Funny, with my Sarge installation, the thing has all colors but no blue
> at all. But you run Sid on your PWS - or not?
> Urs

Yes and yes :) I compiled it on the PWS and on x86 and it looked the
same. Unfortunately I don't know how to remedy your problem.


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