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Re: DRI problems with 3dfx 4500 on DPW600au under Sarge

Coming back to the screwed consoles:
Kernel with DRI on a DPW600au with 3dfx 4500 shows the same
nasty effects as all the other kernels I've tried so far.

Talking about Problem no.2:
As an OpenGL newby, I've tried the sample programs from
http://astronomy.swin.edu.au/~pbourke/opengl/powerstorm350/ (example1.c
example2.c example3.c). All of them show some more or less severe bugs,
particulary example2.c. Can anyone try and see if they seem to behave
ok on other hardware?

Whatever the reason is that I can't manipulate the "bus master" flag
with setpci, DRI seems to work. The framerates that glxgears reports
with a 3dfx 4500 are 580fps on a 600au and 479fps on a 500au - which
seem quite reasonable compared to the Radeons above.


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