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Re: DRI problems with 3dfx 4500 on DPW600au under Sarge

On Tue, Dec 06, 2005 at 05:11:22AM -0800, Urs Traber wrote:
> Coming back to the screwed consoles:
> Kernel with DRI on a DPW600au with 3dfx 4500 shows the same
> nasty effects as all the other kernels I've tried so far.
> Talking about Problem no.2:
> As an OpenGL newby, I've tried the sample programs from
> http://astronomy.swin.edu.au/~pbourke/opengl/powerstorm350/ (example1.c
> example2.c example3.c). All of them show some more or less severe bugs,
> particulary example2.c. Can anyone try and see if they seem to behave
> ok on other hardware?
I complied and run them on PWS600au with a Radeon 9250 and they look
normal compared to my x86 box.
> Whatever the reason is that I can't manipulate the "bus master" flag
> with setpci, DRI seems to work. The framerates that glxgears reports
> with a 3dfx 4500 are 580fps on a 600au and 479fps on a 500au - which
> seem quite reasonable compared to the Radeons above.
Indeed. That's a surprise. 
> //Urs


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