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SRM troubles


I'm new to this list and new to alphas, but a search of the archives
didn't help me out. I was lucky enought to pick up a XP1000 earlier in
the week. I've burnt a Netinst image and installed an IDE cdrom
drive. In the installation guide it states that only booting via SRM
is supported so in the alpha bios CMOS settings menu I changed it to
SRM and power cycled. 

Now all I get is a blue screen with flashing cursor and no repsonse
from the keyboard or a prompt of any kind.

How do I proceed. I don't know how to undo what I have done. Hopefully
it hasn't just become a paper weight.


"It's curtains for you, Mighty Mouse!  This gun is so futuristic that even 
*I* don't know how it works!"

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