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SRM troubles

On May 12, Simon Brown (simon@cliffestones.demon.co.uk) wrote:
 > Hi,
 > I'm new to this list and new to alphas, but a search of the archives
 > didn't help me out. I was lucky enought to pick up a XP1000 earlier in
 > the week. I've burnt a Netinst image and installed an IDE cdrom
 > drive. In the installation guide it states that only booting via SRM
 > is supported so in the alpha bios CMOS settings menu I changed it to
 > SRM and power cycled. 
 > Now all I get is a blue screen with flashing cursor and no repsonse
 > from the keyboard or a prompt of any kind.
 > How do I proceed. I don't know how to undo what I have done. Hopefully
 > it hasn't just become a paper weight.
 > thanks
 > Simon.
 > -- 

I can send you the XP1000 setup and installation guide, maybe that will help.
Let me know if you want it.

Also, try this link: http://www.alphalinux.org/faq/SRM-HOWTO/index.html

I also just saw this in the release notes for firmware v5.9 for the XP1000 at
http://ftp.digital.com/pub/DEC/Alpha/firmware/archive/xp1000.html : 'Fixed bug
in which the system would hang if the firmware was updated to the Non-NT
Console, with the "os_type" variable set to "NT"'.

One more idea - is it possible that the machine is set up to use a serial
console?  Maybe that is supported under SRM and not AlphaBIOS, which is why
the display worked under AlphaBIOS.  Mine was set to use the serial console
when I got it.  I used a null modem cable between the XP1000 and a second
machine and ran minicom on the second machine.  You could try that and see if
you get anything in minicom when you power cycle it.

Sorry I cannot be of more help, I have an XP1000 but I'm definitely not an
Alpha wizard.

Neil Roeth

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