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Re: New Installer & ReiserFS

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On January 13, 2005 09:30 pm, Steve Langasek wrote:
> We're too far into the sarge release cycle for this decision to be reversed
> by a mere show of hands.  If you think that reiserfs is indeed stable on
> alpha, please forward me some sort of documentation of when and how the
> previous issues were fixed.  You may wish to coordinate with Helge (who I
> believe follows this list), to pin down when and where the original
> impression of brokenness came from.

I searched through the Debian changelogs and didn't find anything ReiserFS 
specific.  I searched through the Kernel changelogs and found the following 
for 2.4.19 (2.4.18 was the one and only kernel I had problems with):

<mason@suse.com> (02/05/02 1.400)
 [PATCH] reiserfs 64 bit fix

Searching for 64bit on the namesys archives shows the last 64bit issues seem 
to have been in early 2002 with kernel 2.4.18 (see "The quest for 64bit 
cleaningness continues" in their archives).  I would suspect the above patch 
message is a merger of that work.

Since then, there now only appears to be 64bit issues with the new ReiserFS4.

- -T

PS:  I've got a patch on my box to enable building of the ReiserFS modules for 
the installer and a modified of the alpha cdrom-mini.iso for doing installs.


The ISO is a bit bigger (8.6M) than the original, as the only way I could 
figure to get it to work (that didn't involve hosting a whole installer 
mirror) was to include the kernel modules packages already unpacked on it.

I just finished installing another PWS500au with the aforementioned ISO.  
ReiserFS went on no problem.  That new partitioning system is sure slick!

PPS:  On another positive front, after reading the maillists, I would have to 
say that the new amd64/em64 stuff is really doing a lot for pushing for 64bit 

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