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Re: I need build access to a Sarge chroot for alpha

On Mon, Nov 29, 2004 at 09:22:30PM -0600, Robin Verduijn wrote:
> From a look at db.debian.org it appears that the only working alpha developer
> machine is escher, but it is not pingable right now. I am trying to get one of
> my packages (kvirc out of testing-proposed-updates and into testing,
> and right now the only architecture that it hasn't built for is alpha.

If you are not a buildd maintainer, you should not be uploading binary
packages to the archive that you have not tested.  This is triply true of
the testing-proposed-updates queue, which gets practically zero real-world
testing by users before being committed to testing.

> Since it appears to be the case that none of the "regular" alpha boxes are
> accessible, is there perhaps a Debian developer someone on this list who
> can give me access to a Sarge chroot on an alpha machine with the following
> packages installed?:
>         cdbs, debhelper, kdelibs4-dev (>= 3.1.3)

> It takes about 2 hours to build (on an autobuilder). If someone offers to
> actually build it for me that would be great obviously, but it would be
> enough if I can get SSH login access to it so I can build it myself.

kvirc is not the only package with RC issues in sarge; indeed, most of the
core KDE packages are also afflicted with security bugs in testing right
now.  This is not a problem to be addressed with one-off hand builds of
packages -- the release isn't going anywhere anyway until we have known good
autobuilders for sarge, so there's really no reason to fuss over packages
in t-p-u until those autobuilders are available (and then it should be no
fuss at all).

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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