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Re: I need build access to a Sarge chroot for alpha

Hi Steve,

On Mon, Nov 29, 2004 at 11:10:17PM -0800, Steve Langasek wrote:
> If you are not a buildd maintainer, you should not be uploading binary
> packages to the archive that you have not tested.  This is triply true of
> the testing-proposed-updates queue, which gets practically zero real-world
> testing by users before being committed to testing.

So there is nothing I can (or should) do to help kvirc get out of t-p-u
into testing? Will it start being picked up by autobuildds at some
point and still be able to make it into testing? The conclusion I draw
from your email is that t-p-u never really gets the testing it should
since packages in t-p-u will always get in through the backdoor, so to

> kvirc is not the only package with RC issues in sarge; indeed, most of the
> core KDE packages are also afflicted with security bugs in testing right
> now.  This is not a problem to be addressed with one-off hand builds of
> packages -- the release isn't going anywhere anyway until we have known good
> autobuilders for sarge, so there's really no reason to fuss over packages
> in t-p-u until those autobuilders are available (and then it should be no
> fuss at all).

Fair enough, though. I'll leave kvirc as it is (in t-p-u). What with a
lot of release-is-imminent emails I was getting worried that the RC bugs
against kvirc in Sarge might lead to its removal even though a suitable
candidate has already been in t-p-u for ages, so I was trying to be
proactive and help it along.

Thanks :)
- Robin

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