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Miata & Kernel 2.6.x

Title: Nachricht
i have a strange problem with my debian installation.
Hardware: Personell Workstation 600au (Miata), Systemdisk 9,1 GB @ SCSI QLogic ISP1020
Software: Debian 3.0r2 unstable, installed on an EXT3 filesystem
the 2.4.x kernel runs fine. no problems at all. i configured a 2.6.x kernel (tested with 2.6.1 - 2.6.6) i get a driver error that means that there is no error handling on the qlogic driver. ok, the machine can load the os and i can work. after some hours and some reboots the filesystem is corrupt, the journaling repairs at each boot some errors. after some reboots the filesystem is broken so the machine is never booting. with the 2.4.x kernel i dont have problems. but i want to use the newer kernel. my question now: do you have any experience with that, is it a problem of the ext3-driver (never tested with ext2), a qlogicisp driver problem or whatever ? i read in this list about a driver from www.feral.com, but i cant open that website. can anyone send me that driver ?

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