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RE: broadcom drivers debian (was RE: Debian Installer - Problems Partitioning)

Ah, absolutely, there are lots and lots of uses for sarge.  But people
like me (lazy, stupid, etc.) aren't looking for uses for sarge; we have
production systems that they need to run on something and were hoping
that something would be Debian.  We have definite meanings for words
like "testing" and are scared of them.  In fact I would like, make that
love, to run the whole shop on Debian (currently it's two flavors of
Tru64 Unix, one of HP-UX, Windows and Debian, with the resulting
sysadmin overhead) but not being "in the Debian community" we are maybe
just not yet comfortable with the semantics.  And maybe I am in the
Debian community because I use Debian, I guess.  But I think issues like
this, still opaque to me after a couple of years of running Debian, are
what's holding it back from wider acceptance.

Sorry all for off-topic series of posts; I am on the point of selling
off the Alphas (two 4100s and a huge Storageworks array; any offers?)
but will first cook up an Alpha sarge CD and see if it magically brings
everything to life.


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On Mon, Jun 07, 2004 at 12:39:04AM -0400, Speakman, John
H./Epidemiology-Biostatistics wrote:
> Actually, my own e-mail piqued my interest enough to go and try it on 
> a dl140.  The sarge installer is sweet and detects the Broadcom.  But 
> (maybe this is my ignorance about Debian) this is work; who wants to 
> run a production environment on something that isn't "stable"?

Many people, to judge by anecdotal evidence within the Debian community.


The largest difference between stable and testing is that Debian
provides security updates for stable, and for testing you're on your
own.  If you can get past this hurdle, there are lots of uses sarge can
be put to in the time leading up to its official release.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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