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debian-installer w/ tulip


I have a LX164 sytem which used to work just fine until I managed to completely destroy X on it. I've spent way too much time trying to fix that issue and despite guidance from others I still can't get it to work. So I thought I'd back up the important stuff and build from scratch again.

I tried debian-installer beta 4 and it failed at the point of trying to set up DHCP - it kept spitting out "System Error" messages every 15-20 seconds for ~ 30 minutes. It wouldn't respond to any keystrokes so I just hit the old reset button. I then read the errata page and it looks like beta 4 doesn't support Tulip based ethernet cards. So I tossed that CD-R and decided to try a daily build.

No dice, still the same "System Error" messages during DHCP setup.

Am I wasting my time with debian-installer for the moment? Are there work-arounds? Should I just wait a while and waste time trying to figure out my X setup problems.

Thanks for any guidance,

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