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Re: problems with 2.4.2x on alpha.

On the 4th of May 2004 at 09:18, Jaakko Linnosaari <jaakko.linnosaari#hut.fi> wrote:

> This is the kernel image I use:
> http://testoapina.tky.hut.fi/~jaska/kernel-image-2.6.5_1_alpha.deb .

i'm confused. i've installed that kernel and it boots just fine. then i've
tried to compile my own 2.6.5 using config file included in above package,
changing only the tulip driver to generic dec driver (the former didn't
recognize my ethernet card) and adding frame-buffer for my matox card, and
it doesn't work. the problem is with qlogic's init:

scsi: device offlined - not ready after error recovery: host 0 channel 0 id x lun 0

where x goes from 0 to 15. then the kernel boots further, but can't mount
the rootfs, so panics.

jaakko, what's the gcc version you've compiled the kernel? i'm on sarge here,
ii  gcc-3.3        3.3.3-6        The GNU C compiler

i have not made yet any hardware reconfigurations as suggested in other mails.

 use gnus, not guns!

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