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Re: Can't boot a kernel under SRM

On Wed, Jan 14, 2004 at 12:06:05AM -0600, Steve Langasek wrote:
> Depending on your hardware config, you may need to back down to 2.4.20
> or 2.4.19 (I forget which) to get something bootable.  I've been told,
> and have realized now that I can confirm, that later 2.4-series kernels
> have trouble talking across PCI bridges on alphas.  I would hope
> someone's working on fixing this, but I know that neither 2.4.22 nor
> 2.4.23 can handle my ethernet/scsi card (an integrated tulip/qlogicisp
> device, no idea if it has a proper name :).

I believe your Tulip/QLogic combo card was called P1SE or P2SE (the latter
if there are 2 QLogics, the former if only 1). Not ever sold separately
by DEC, but part of bundles on various boxes, primarily to conserve on
PCI slots used in boxes with few slots or builtins, like LX/SX.

I've had trouble at various times with 2.4.x kernels and those cards;
when last I checked (2.4.21, IIRC), they were OK, but could be broken
now. I believe 2.6.x is OK WRT those puppies, but I may not have
checked for a while...

Just checked: 2.6.1 GENERIC UP on LX164 with P1SE worked just fine,
SCSI and NIC...


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