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Can't boot a kernel under SRM


I got my SRM booting problem fixed (turned out I needed to set os_type).
My next problem is that neither IDE nor SCSI works on my LX164 system
when booted from SRM.

On the IDE side, I am getting a lot of "irq timeout" errors, and
sometimes I get "timeout waiting for DMA".  The system might eventually
boot, or it might not.

The SCSI problems depend on which kernel version I try.  In 2.6, it
locks hard.  In 2.4.22 from the "business card" Debian-installer test
image, I get:

CACHE TEST FAILED: script execution failed
start=53c2ae64, pc=53c2ae64, end=5ec2a90

I have a Symbios 53c875 card.

The 2.2.x kernel on my Potato install CD boots -- and works -- fine.
However, my root filesystem is reiser and I use LVM, so this does me no
good.  Suggestions are very welcome :-)


John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org>                       www.complete.org

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